Sunday, May 31, 2020

Attacked By A Large Dog...Followed By A Visit To Hospital

Today I planned to visit Bentley Community Woodlands and then continue on to Shaftholme and Almholme before returning back to town. I didn't get much beyond Arksy though when I had to turn back and head home...and then to hospital.

Just beyond Arksey as I was walking along a footpath I was attacked from behind by a large dog. At the time I thought it had bitten me on my left calf but it turned out just to be a nasty scratch from its sharp claws - it would have been much worse if I hadn't been wearing my thick walking trousers.

Once I'd got safely out of range and out of sight of the dog I inspected the extent of my injury and immediately decided that I'd be abandoning the walk. I looped back into Arksey village and took a few photographs as I walked down the road to Bentley. I wasn't sure if a bus was due or if I'd even be able to board it and so continued walking. When I got home I cleaned up the wound and looked for advice online. It recommended that diabetics seek immediate medical attention if blood is drawn and so I got changed into some more presentable clothes and walked up Thorne Road to the hospital. The Accident and Emergency Department wasn't very busy and so I was assessed and treated within about an hour. I needed to have a tetanus injection, have the cut cleaned and dressed and I have to wear a compression stocking to keep the dressing in place, and I've been prescribed five days of penicillin tablets. I also need to phone up the surgery tomorrow to make an appointment with the nurse to have the dressing changed on Thursday, assuming they're currently able to do that...if not, I'll have to go back to the hospital.

I still managed to take some photos though, the first three feature Doncaster Town Centre, The Mansion House and Clock Corner, and the rest were taken at Arksey.

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  1. What an unpleasant way to spoil a walk. I hope your leg gets better, and it doesn't prevent you from getting out and about.