Monday, May 25, 2020

Doncaster Lakeside, Balby, and Warmsworth

A local lockdown walk today covering as much distance as possible using abandoned railways which have been converted into cycle routes - of course, pedestrians are also able to use them.

I headed off to the Lakeside area and then continued alongside the dual carriageway for a few hundred yards until I reached my first section of old railway, near to Potteric Carr Nature Reserve.

This brick building at the Yorkshire Water pumping station is quite ornate.

I proceeded for about an hour heading towards the area where I was on Saturday, the place where my route was blocked by the motorway.

I needed to walk through a housing estate at Balby and then along the road for a short stretch. I should have walked down to the point where I could pick up the old railway line again, walking in the opposite direction I went on Saturday, but before I got there I saw someone turn down a well-used path that wasn't marked as an official footpath on the map. It looked interesting and so I followed them - it took me through some quite pleasant countryside to Warmsworth.

The old part of Warmsworth is quite attractive.

The parish church is located on the main road in a much less attractive location. The sun  wasn't at the right angle for a really good photograph though.

Balby church however was perfectly illuminated by the sunlight, I'm not so sure about the social distancing sign  though, it looks a bit dark.

The final mile and half, walking along the main road was rather tiresome, but it didn't spoil my morning out exploring new areas quite close to home .

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