Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Miller's Dale, Chelmorton, Flagg, Sheldon, and Bakewell

I got off the bus at Miller's Dale and walked up the hill to have a look at the new information centre and cafe at the old railway station building and then continued along the Monsal Trail, followed by the riverside footpath to the carpark at Totley Pike. Along the course of the old railway line there are some old kilns, and several tunnels and viaducts. 

[It wasn't actually a psychedelic purple haze inside the tunnel; this was the best I could manage with the editing though.]

I crossed over the road and briefly headed up Deep Dale before breaking off and going on a footpath across the fields to the northwest of Chelmorton. There was a steep rocky climb but then the rest of the way was easygoing across fields and down a farm track.

I only visited the part of the village near to the church and the pub. The church was open and so I went inside.


Flagg is located to the southwest, and then it was an easterly bearing to walk to Sheldon through high open limestone countryside. I continued heading to the east and arrived at Bakewell pretty much at the time I expected.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Bamford, Shatton, Abney, and Hathersage Booths

It was third time lucky for me this morning when I went to catch the early train, it was actually running and so I was able to get the 272 bus from Sheffield and travelled to Bamford. I walked along the road to Shatton and continued up to Shatton Moor. I followed the track and then the footpath across the moor to Abney.

I went down into Abney Clough and headed east along the path towards Hathersage, passing by Hazelford Hall as I walked along a stretch of road.

I didn't go to Hathersage though, at Leadmill Bridge I walked alongside the river and then climbed up to Hathersage Booths. When I got there I had fifty minutes to wait for a bus so I popped over to The View Takeaway at the back of The Millstone's carpark for an ice cream. I then went a few yards up the road to the footpath leading down to Upper Padley and found a nice spot to sit for half an hour until I had to walk back to the bus stop.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Tissington and Ashbourne

A trip out to the far south of the Peak District with my support worker today. Tissington is somewhere I've always wanted to go, it's frequently billed as the prettiest village in the Peak District. Both myself and Siobhan were disappointed though; it obviously wasn't looking its best in the cloudy weather but it did seem to be a bit run down and uninspiring.

There were three of these vehicles, all different colours, parked outside the tearooms, I don't know what to call them though.

I suppose the highlight of our visit to Tissington was coming across a small heritage and rare breeds hen sanctuary. There were some quite brightly coloured hens with interesting patterns on their feathers as well.

These were the largest rose hips I've ever seen, they were the size of tomatoes.

There were a few other things to see in the village, including the church.

We both liked Ashbourne; there are plenty of old buildings and interesting independent shops there.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Ladybower Inn, Ladybower Reservoir, Aston, Hope Station, Brough, Shatton, and Hathersage

Today's walk started from the Ladybower Inn, another early start travelling on the 257 bus. I walked along the road taking pictures of the viaduct, the reservoir, Bamford Edge, and Win Hill. 

I enjoyed a difficult scramble going part of the way up Parkin Clough until I joined the path that traverses the eastern flank of Win Hill and then goes down to Aston. I passed a young Chinese couple and I imagine by their reaction that it was the first time they'd seen the heather in bloom.

I then headed south to Hope Station and continued to Brough. 

The next village I visited was Shatton..

I was heading eastwards by now, going up the hill towards the hamlet of Offerton before changing my mind and dropping down to the riverside path which goes to Hathersage.  When I was scrambling on all fours, pulling myself over large rocks and having to force my way through dense undergrowth my legs felt strong, but by now, nearly three hours later my thigh muscles were aching and were feeling very weak...I was struggling with the stiles.  When I got to Hathersage there wasn't a bus due and so I went to the Pool Cafe for a bit of something to eat. My favourite place to eat, Cintra's Tearooms and Tea Garden doesn't open on Mondays, like many other establishments in the Peak District.