Friday, August 31, 2018

Miller's Dale, Priestcliffe, Flagg, Sheldon, and Ashford in the Water

Unusually this morning I got a seat on the Plymouth train going to Sheffield. I arrived at Sheffield twenty minutes later and then had over an hour to wait for my bus...that's just how it is. The bus was a few minutes late leaving Sheffield as the driver struggled to explain the bewildering choice of tickets and options available to a couple where the man was entitled to free travel because he was a pensioner but his wife wasn't. I found this so frustrating; I'm sure if I'd got involved I could have moved things forward so much quicker.

The next thing that annoyed me was when a woman sitting in the seat in front of me started eating a milk chocolate digestive biscuit upside down...with the chocolate side at the bottom as she put it in her mouth; I've never seen this before.

I got off the bus at Miller's Dale and headed southwards and uphill to reach Priestcliffe.

I joined the Limestone Way for a mile or so before taking the shortest route towards Chelmorton. I took a path that kept me to the east of Chelmorton and then went southeast across the fields to Flagg. There are a lot of criss-crossing paths in this area.

I've had a look online, but I still don't know what 'Rusty Farming is.

As I left the village using a footpath going through a series of narrow fields I was wary of some cows ahead; I was even more wary when I noticed that a couple of them didn't seem to be cows at all.

They look like water buffalo to me; but why would they be in the middle of the Peak District? Fortunately they both seemed to be juvenile animals, but they'll get much bigger?

Apart from climbing out of Deep Dale it was an easy walk across typical White Peak Countryside all the way to Sheldon.

It's a shame that I can't bake, and don't bake.

The descent to Ashford provides some nice panoramas to photograph.

I arrived at Ashford with enough time to go inside the church; it was my first visit inside the building and I was rather disappointed...there's nothing really interesting to look at.

On the journey back to Sheffield from Bakewell I noticed a herd of several dozen deer on Big Moor - I don't think anyone else on the bus noticed them...they were quite far away though.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Kingston-upon-Hull In The Rain

I'd originally booked Siobhan for today for us to go to the Open Gardens at Bakewell but because of the bad weather I decided to go to Hull instead and have a look round the Ferens Art Gallery and the museums.

So here are the photos I took today; it was raining of course, it always rains when I'm in Hull because it's my go-to city when I want somewhere to go with plenty of free indoor attractions.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Walking The Entire Length Of the Selby Canal

The Selby Canal is only six miles long, linking the River Ouse at Selby to the River Aire at Chapel Haddlesey, and I walked along its entire length today using the towpath. I wanted a nice easy walk  - the most tiring part of the day was the travelling on the buses.

I took plenty of photographs of the abbey as soon as I got off the bus at Selby before heading off down Ousegate towards the canal.

I passed by some buildings that formed part of the first railway station in Yorkshire - I didn't know about this before and keenly read all of the information; I hope my photograph is clear enough for you to be able to read it as well.

I soon reached the canal basin and commenced my walk to towards the River Aire.

I got to the bus stop at Chapel Haddlesey forty minutes before the next bus to Doncaster was due and so was able to walk down to the church. It's an interesting building dating from early twentieth century but its setting is poor for photography; it's closed in by trees and nearby buildings.