Monday, September 28, 2020

Torworth, Bilby, South Carlton, Wallingwells, and Langold

I like travelling on the Retford bus, it goes pretty much the direct route. I got off at Torworth today and walked down the minor road that leads to the Barnby Moor to Blyth main road. The minor road is called Billy Button Lane, at first I misread it as 'Belly Button Lane.'

I then took the bridleway over to the A1 dual carriageway which I crossed without too much of a delay...I suppose Monday morning is a quiet period though.

The bridleway went right next to the road for a few hundred yards before I needed to turn and walk across the fields and then an estate road to the hamlet of Bilby.

I continued heading approximately southwest and then northwest to South Carlton.


I extended the walk to Langold by heading out to Wallingwells and Langold Lake Country Park.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Dunsville, Barnby Dun, Kirk Bramwith, Stainforth, and Hatfield

I travelled northeast out of town today, to Dunsville. I walked down St Mary's Road to Quarry Park and followed a bridleway across the fields to Barnby Dun. The footpath only skirted the edge of Quarry Park, but from what I could see of it, the park looked quite attractive, plenty of wooded areas, grasslands and possibly some wildflower meadows. 

I then set off along the canal towpath to Kirk Bramwith Lock.

Before reaching the village of Kirk Bramwith I did a short detour to visit the Don Aqueduct which takes the canal across the river...and there's a metal walkway to walk across.

It was getting quite cloudy by the time I was photographing the church in the village.

I chose to use the footpath that goes along the slither of land between the river and the canal; it goes along the top of the flood defences and I was exposed to the cold wind. I walked down the road at Stainforth until I reached the bridleway which goes to Hatfield; I stuck to the official route but I think there's a short-cut which goes over the highest part of the spoilheap. At least by going that way though I got a better view of the railway line.

When I reached Hatfield it was drizzling, a bus was due and so I caught it back to town - I'd already had the best of the weather for the day.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Maltby, Hooton Levitt, Carr, Brookhouse, Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Throapham, Letwell, and Langold

I travelled to  Maltby. and  walked to the footpath which starts at the back of the churchyard and goes for half a mile through the woods and along the edge of a field to Hooton Levitt.

I didn't photograph anything at Hooton Levitt, but this was the view as I was leaving and heading over to Carr.

There are some quite nice houses at Carr.

I briefly walked along the road until I reached a footpath which climbs up a hill and then goes down into the valley at Brookhouse.

I then needed to climb again, up the road that goes to Laughton-en-le-Morthen. The church is located at the beginning of the village and so I decided to take a quick photo before taking a path which loops round to the west, going near to Castle Hill. There were no obvious remains of a castle to be seen, but further along this path when I stopped and turned around there was a lovely view of the church steeple and surrounding buildings.

I arrived at the church at Throapham, to the south of Laughton. 

I then headed  east across the fields and a lovely sunken lane for two miles to Letwell.

I continued to Langold, where I finished the walk.