Wednesday, October 26, 2022

More Hall Reservoir and Broomhead Reservoir

I caught the Stocksbridge bus from Sheffield and got off just to the north of Wharncliffe Side. I walked down the access road to More Hall Reservoir and then continued to Broomhouse Reservoir, returning along the southern shores back to the bus stop, having to re-trace my steps for the last half a mile or so. The walking was fairly easy going, tarmacked roads, gravel tracks, and well-defined paths through woodland - so I didn't have any problem with my knee.

I  love the small crenellated buildings on both dam walls...I don't really know what their purpose is though.

Despite the recent rainfall the water levels are still very low.

When I reached the dam wall at Broomhead Reservoir the lighting conditions had improved.

One specific thing I noticed today; I passed three public footpaths that weren't shown on my Ordnance Survey map.

Monday, October 17, 2022


I've been to Chesterfield this morning, there was plenty of legroom on the trains and buses so my sore knee isn't aching.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Low Bradfield and Damflask Reservoir

Another easy walk to exercise my knee without putting too much strain on it.

I caught the train, tram, and bus out to Low Bradfield on the edge of the Peak District and did a clockwise circuit of Damflask Reservoir. Not longer after getting off the bus I walked up the drive to the Schoolrooms tearooms and craft shop; it wasn't open so early in the morning but I still had a good look around...I was able to stand in the open doorway and see inside.


I then went down to the picnic area near to the old stone bridge where I was joined by some ducks and squirrels.

The level of the water in the reservoir was very low, the lowest I've ever seen it - I was able to easily get right down to the water's edge to take some photos though.

I finished off my day out visiting the charity shops in Hillsborough; I wasn't muddy and so didn't feel uncomfortable doing that.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Cusworth Hall and Sprotbrough - Putiing My Knee To The Test Again

Another short walk continuing to exercise my left knee and building up its strength after my injury. I just walked to Cusworth Hall, went over the fields to Sprotbrough and then returned to the town centre by taking the path that goes alongside the river; a total distance of about  eight miles.

I've been pleased how well my knee held up, just a bit of pain when going downhill...elsewhere, my muscles are aching though; my thigh, shin, groin, hip, and lower back - only on the left hand side though.