Saturday, October 1, 2022

Hatfield, Stainforth, and Barnby Dun.

Another short, easy walk as part of my recuperation since injuring my left knee, about six miles today. I travelled up Thorne Road to Hatfield on the bus and walked along a track going across the fields to Stainforth. I had to climb up and over the colliery spoilheap; this was a bit difficult because the path had been obliterated by some recent earthworks.

I needed to walk along the road at Stainforth for a few hundred yards before joining the canal towpath and then continued heading southwest back towards the town centre until I reached Barnby Dun.

[Canal towpaths don't have the same legal status as public footpaths - you'd not be able to lock a gate on a public right of way.]

I left the canal at Barnby Dun; it took me awhile to find a bus stop where I could catch a bus going back to Doncaster, I saw two at the other side of the road without there being a corresponding stop on my side. The bus must do a one-way loop in the village...anyhow the bus arrived on time and the heaviest rainfall of the day occurred whilst I was travelling on it.  

A  lovely walk, nothing too challenging, and my knee held up very well, I'm still strapping it up might ache tomorrow though.

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