Saturday, April 30, 2022

Monsal Head, Litton Mill, and Blackwell

I caught the local bus from Bakewell to Monsal Head and took the footpath going down to the Monsal Trail.

For a change I took the footpath that bypasses the two tunnels, it's the one we had to use before they were open.

This path comes down in Litton Mill; I then continued on to Tideswell Dale, going up the 120 steps to reach the old quarry...which is very well landscaped. I hoped to see some early purple orchids but there were sheep grazing, however I did spot this rather lovely specimen hiding away in an obscure corner.

At the end of the dale there's the car parking area and public toilets. I then headed west across some fields until I reached the Limestone Way. I walked along the road which goes to Hargatewall but then climbed up to Wormhill...I only visited the area of the village where the church is though.

The path that goes down to Chee Dale is quite steep, although I naturally thought the one going up the other side was much steeper. At the bottom there's a lovely spot where there's a footbridge over the river; families were having picnics on the grassy riverbank and some children were paddling in the water. 

At a farm on the approach to Blackwell there's a pathside refreshment stall selling cakes. I didn't want to purchase anything but I couldn't work out how the honesty box works...maybe payment is done online. I don't know.

I finished the day by walking along the road to the bus stop at Blackwell Turn and caught the bus going back to Bakewell.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Moscar to Totley

I travelled to Moscar Lodge on the county boundary with Derbyshire and headed south across the moors towards Stanage Edge. I waked along the top of the edge for the entirety of its length and then continued along the top of Burbage Rocks.

For the first time ever I explored Robin Hood's Cave; it's usually busy. I didn't go all the way inside though because I needed to do some stretching and twisting and was worried about pulling a muscle.

Just before reaching Fox House I spotted a path going towards Parson House Outdoor Education Centre. I assumed it would be a shortcut taking me to the Sheffield road but it seems that it's just what people studying there use as access to the Burbage Valley. I had to walk along the outside of the perimeter fence for a few hundred yards; it was still a shorter route than going to Fox House though.

I then joined the Sheffield Country Walk as it crosses Totley Moor and finished at the Cross Scythes Inn on Baslow Road in Totley where I caught a bus back to the city centre. 

Just after coming down off the moors I spotted this impressive statue of a stag on some private land - I obviously couldn't get up close for a better shot.

Further down the hill there were two more animal statues, also on  private land. The first one featured a bear, but this was all I got when I photographed it.

I had more look with the second one though.

For the second consecutive walk I didn't need to consult my map; whether or not I complete my hat-trick will most likely depend on whether or not I'm on my own when I go on my next walk...there's a realistic chance I won't be though because I've been invited to go with Kim and her friends on some of their training walks as they prepare for the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge in August. 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Walking With Doncaster Ramblers

I went walking with Doncaster Ramblers today. I haven't joined the group, I was invited to do the walk by a friend who was leading a walk for the first time today. She made arrangements for me to be picked up locally by another member. I think I can attend as a guest for four or six times until I have to decide if I want to join.

The walk started at the carpark at Curbar Gap. we headed north along Froggatt Edge to Grindleford and then Longshaw Estate.

We then headed south back towards the carpark going along White Edge, which is slightly higher and a few hundred yards to the east of Froggatt Edge.

On a couple of occasions we got quite close to a group of deer; I didn't take any photographs because I doubted they'd turn out to be any good.

I really enjoyed the walk today, thanks to Kim for inviting me, and to the other five walkers who were very welcoming.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Hope, Bradwell, Little Hucklow, Tideswell, and Miller's Dale

I caught the 256 bus to Hope and headed south along the road to Bradwell. The first two photographs were taken as I used a short stretch of footpath which runs parallel to the road, higher up and beyond the trees and providing some lovely views.

I'm not sure if this large bale of hay was put there to make it easier to climb over the stile...or as an attempt to block it.

I walked through Bradwell and took a couple of footpaths which brought me out onto the road that leads to Little Hucklow; I only entered the western edge of the village though.

It was even more roadwalking as I continued to head south until I reached Tideswell Lane End and then Tideswell itself.

I headed southwest across grassy fields until I reached the Limestone Way about a mile north of Miller's Dale. I was able to visit the toilets at the former railway station and explore some of the old lime kilns before catching the bus back to Sheffield.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Ashopton, Thornhill, Shatton, Brough, Hope, and Castleton

It was quite sunny in Sheffield early this morning but when the bus reached the Peak District it was misty and so I changed my plans and decided to stick to doing a low level walk.

I got off at the Heatherdene area of Ashopton, right next to Ladybower Reservoir.

I walked over the dam wall and then down the road to Thornhill and Shatton.

The next photograph was taken at Brough.

The walking remained easygoing as I headed westward towards Hope.

I finished the walk at Castleton; by the time I got there the weather was lovely, sunny and warm. I had fifty minutes until the next bus going back to Sheffield was due, just enough time for tea and cake. I popped in to the Baytree Tearooms for a pot of tea and a slice of lemon Bakewell tart. I asked for extra hot water; the owner was confused because he thought I meant water that was 'extra hot', really hot. It was then my turn to be confused though when I couldn't find the cakes.