Sunday, June 17, 2012

Castleton, Winnats Pass, Bradwell, and Brough.

As I left the railway station at Sheffield this morning I was under no misapprehension that the Olympics start in a few weeks: only a few yards beyond the concourse there were four sturdy outdoor table tennis tables.

I walked to the bus-stop and the bus arrived on time; however I delayed it by a few minutes, and I doubt I wasn't the only one, because my concessionary travel pass didn't scan's a different machine to the ones in Doncaster, and it's a different procedure too.

I'm not impressed with the idea of having to scan the passes: since it's only elderly and disabled people who are issued with them, people who are likely to be a bit slower because of arthritis, rheumatics, poor eyesight or maybe learning disabilities, it just complicates matters...but not always, on the return journey back to Sheffield the driver just let people on.

I got off at Castleton, popped into the shop for supplies, and wandered down towards the Peak Cavern show cave...just to get some photographs of the narrow gorge that leads there.

I then doubled back into the village and went along the path leading towards the Speedwell Cavern at the foot of Winnats Pass. I then continued up the grassy hill to reach Treak Cliff Cavern, which has a panoramic viewpoint.

Just before reaching Castleton's final show cave, the Blue John Cavern, I climbed up a steep gradient to eventually reach the north rim of Winnats Pass.

The views were spectacular; I took a few photographs and then descended down to the road; arriving quite close to the summit of the pass.

I walked alongside the road for a few yards and then took a steep, rocky path which led up the other side of the gorge. A path runs along the entire length of the southern rim and if anything, the views are even better from this side - a bit dizzying at times when you look down.

I continued walking for as far as I could, but eventually a deep ravine blocked my way. I had spotted this on the map and thought it might be an interesting was too much of a challenge for me though. I backtracked a few hundred yards and climbed over a stile I had noticed earlier, and walked across grassy fields, and then along tracks and more fields to arrive at the road that leads down to Bradwell.

I entered the village down a steep hill which brought me to the Smalldale area, where there were some very nice houses. It didn't take long for me to reach the main road which goes through the village, and turn left, walking northwards towards Brough, arriving with nearly twenty minutes to spare before the bus arrived.

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