Sunday, October 10, 2021

Castleton, Rushup Edge, Perryfoot, and Old Dam

Today's walk took me to the west of Castleon. My route was via Speedwell Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern to the start of the abandoned road near to the Blue John Mine. I then made my way up to Mam Nick and continued heading west along Rushup Edge.

I walked along the Pennine Bridleway to Perryfoot and then Perry Dale until I reached a path at Old Dam heading back in the direction of Castleton.

I returned to Castleton via Oxlow Rake, Dirtlow Rake, and finally the road that drops down into the village. 

Friday, October 8, 2021

Foolow, Wardlow Mires, Ravensdale, Cressbrook, Ashford in the Water, and Bakewell

At Sheffield Interchange the bus driver was having a sneaky smoke before starting his shift and we were chatting and he told me that there are going to be savage cuts to bus services in Sheffield. I've not seen anything online yet...but I certainly need to investigate.

After he'd finished his cigarette I was able to get onboard and travel to Foolow.

I walked across the fields to Wardlow Mires and then down into Cressbrook Dale. Initially I took a high level footpath to be able to take some photographs looking down into the dale, but I didn't continue along that route because I couldn't see a way down.

A few yards further on I went part of the way up another path to get some close-up views of Peter's Stone; the cows were positioned perfectly for my shots.

The entirety of the hamlet of Ravensdale is shown in the next photograph.

At this point the path becomes a narrow road which leads down into Cressbrook.

I climbed up to the Monsal Trail, passed over the viaduct and through the tunnel before taking the path to Ashford in the Water.

I finished by going on the path that goes down by the river towards Bakewell. I stepped right on the bus in Bakewell and got on the train at Sheffield as it was waiting on the platform.


Wednesday, October 6, 2021


It's been a glorious day for my visit to Ripon with my support worker. We had planned to stop at Boroughbridge on the way back but didn't have enough time - I've already got another day out planned though featuring Boroughbridge.

Ripon is a pretty town, technically a small city dominated by its cathedral which we went inside. The entry into the city from the south is easy, car parking is plentiful and cheap, and the public toilets are free.

There was a school choir rehearsing inside the cathedral; it wasn't very good though.


I didn't take as many photographs as I thought I might have done, we seemed to spend most of our time in shops.

The last thing we did was to visit one of the tearooms; I had a fruit scone served with jam, fresh cream, and fresh bilberries and raspberries. Delicious!

Monday, October 4, 2021

Heatherdene, Hope, and Castleton

I travelled to Heatherdene this morning, on the bank of the Ladybower Reservoir. I started taking photographs as soon as I got off the bus and continued to do so until I reached the woodland on the other side of the dam wall.

The smell of the pines and the autumnal dampness was quite calming as I climbed up through the woodland and then used a path I'd not used before to get to Hope Cross, providing me with some different views of The Great Ridge.

I looped round to Edale End, went south for about a mile and then turned right heading for Losehill Farm and the way to Castleton. However, when I reached an area known as Townhead just to the north of Hope there's a footpath shown on the map, but there's also a chained up gate and no sign of the path. So I had to backtrack and go along the road for a few hundred yards, entering the fringes of Hope until I found the next path going across the fields to Castleton.

I had time to pop in to the Peak Hotel, billed as 'the Peak District's eccentric alehouse' and take a photo of one of the regulars.