Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Eyam, Burnt Heath, Housley, Grindlow, and Brough

It  seems a bit unusual approaching Eyam from the west on the 257 bus, until this year I'd only be travelling in the other direction on the 65 bus that goes to Buxton. I got off at the first bus stop and walked through the village, as far as the church. 

I then passed to the south, to the area where some of the old quarry workings are. I crossed the road that passes through Middleton Dale and then climbed up the well-maintained quarry road to Burnt Heath, just a collection of industrial buildings.

I headed across the fields to Housley and then briefly along the road that goes to Foolow before turning off and walking in a westerly direction past Brosterfield Farm and Stanley House.

I turned to the north, taking the path that skirts to the side of Silly Dale and then walked the short distance along the road to Grindlow.

It was a quite steep climb up to the road where the gliding club is and then a more undulating path heading towards Abney Moor. On the moor I went to explore an area that is shown as being a reservoir on the map. However, it's disused and looks like much of it has silted up. There are just several small ponds remaining now...and a well maintained stone-built cabin that looks like it's being used by a local angling group.

I finished the walk by going along Brough Lane, a wide track that leads to Brough. I caught the bus back to Sheffield from there; it was fifteen minutes late - it didn't really matter though because there are plenty of trains from Sheffield Station going to Doncaster.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Butterbusk, Conisbrough, Clifton, and Wadworth

Butterbusk is reached by buses travelling towards Conisbrough. I got off there and walked a few yards down the road and took the trail that uses the course of the old railway line and then followed a path across the fields to Drake Head Lane on the edge of Conisbrough.

This public footpath sign was unexpected, and quite dangerous too.

 I made my way to Clifton using narrow country roads. The alpacas were in a field at the back.

I then walked along the road to a junction that's near to one of the bridges that goes over the M18 motorway before taking a short path that briefly runs alongside the motorway cutting. 

I continued along the road for a mile and then took a path going over to the left, and continued through the woods to Wadworth. Several of the trees in the village had 'Merry Christmas' tags tied to them.


The sun had come out for the final couple of miles of the walk beyond Wadworth, going back to my house.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Down In The Don Gorge Again

Back to the local walks today; I travelled on the bus to Conisbrough and walked back to the town centre along the river.

The main gates at the castle were padlocked shut but there's public access through a side gate a little down the hill.

I used a couple of different footpaths to get down into the Doin Gorge. I passed this structure which I think is a jump for the mountainbikers; it's about eight foot high.

A bit further on I passed this very narrow bridge. I wouldn't want to be walking across it, it's very narrow and there's a ten foot drop - yet again I think it's for the mountainbikers.

I crossed over the viaduct and walked on the other side of the river to reach Sprotbrough.

Just beyond Newton I noticed that the riverside footpath was no longer closed; this was because the new footbridge has now been installed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Owler Bar, Lydgate, Horsleygate, Unthank, Moorhall, Rumbling Street, Johnnygate, Millthorpe, Holmesfield, and Totley

I travelled to Owler Bar today, right on the boundary of the Peak District and walked down the road to Lydgate and then took the path going across the fields to Horsleygate: I could hear the noise of a lot of dogs barking coming from a property located down in the valley.

I was now heading south and continued along the road to Unthank and then couldn't find the next path. I think it was sited right next to a rather large house, but a dog ran out and was being quite aggressive and so I continued walking along the road until I reached another suitable footpath going to Moorhall. By the time I'd reached this footpath, apart from one very short section I'd been walking along the exact national park boundary for two miles. Like everywhere else I'd visited so far Moorhall is only a hamlet as are Rumbling Street and Johnnygate which would be the next two places I'd be arriving at.

At Barlow Grange I headed east and began the return leg of my journey back towards the southwestern suburbs of Sheffield. I soon changed direction to the north passing through Rumbling Street and Johnnygate to reach Millthorpe, somewhere that's large enough to qualify as a village.

It was then only half a mile to the church at Holmesfield; it's not particularly old and I think it's a rather unattractive building. This was the best photograph I could manage.

I finished the walk at Totley, a mile and a half away. This horse in a field, just south of Totley got far too friendly for my liking.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Hathersage, Bamford, Shatton, and Offerton

I got off the bus in the centre of Hathersage and walked to the western edge of the village to take a path heading north for just over a mile. I then turned to the left and walked down Hurstclough Lane, an ancient sunken lane.

I took the footpath that cuts across Sickleholme Golf Course, and then the road going down to Bamford Station. I crossed the main Hope Valley trunk road and continued up the lane towards Shatton, but only briefly entered the village. 

The route to the hamlet of Offerton was gently uphill along a broad track and then I passed through a variety of terrain to reach Leadmill Bridge and the path across the field back to Hathersage. Part of the route beyond Offerton is a narrow metalled road and along there two separate Landrover safaris passed me - they would have had some difficult driving ahead of them though.

I was only tortured by the smell of fish and chips for ten minutes as I waited for my bus in the village.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Cutthroat Bridge, Derwent Edge, Ladybower Reservoir, Yorkshire Bridge, and Bamford

I travelled to Cutthroat Bridge and walked across the moors to Derwent Edge.


I then walked down to the track that goes alongside Ladybower Reservoir using a path I'd not taken before and soon reached the main Sheffield to Manchester road. At the traffic lights I turned right and walked to Bamford to catch the bus..

Nothing too difficult today, a gentle climb up from Cutthroat Bridge and likewise a gentle descent from Derwent Edge.