Monday, September 21, 2020

Maltby, Hooton Levitt, Carr, Brookhouse, Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Throapham, Letwell, and Langold

I travelled to  Maltby. and  walked to the footpath which starts at the back of the churchyard and goes for half a mile through the woods and along the edge of a field to Hooton Levitt.

I didn't photograph anything at Hooton Levitt, but this was the view as I was leaving and heading over to Carr.

There are some quite nice houses at Carr.

I briefly walked along the road until I reached a footpath which climbs up a hill and then goes down into the valley at Brookhouse.

I then needed to climb again, up the road that goes to Laughton-en-le-Morthen. The church is located at the beginning of the village and so I decided to take a quick photo before taking a path which loops round to the west, going near to Castle Hill. There were no obvious remains of a castle to be seen, but further along this path when I stopped and turned around there was a lovely view of the church steeple and surrounding buildings.

I arrived at the church at Throapham, to the south of Laughton. 

I then headed  east across the fields and a lovely sunken lane for two miles to Letwell.

I continued to Langold, where I finished the walk.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Longshaw Estate, Curbar Gap, and Beauchief Abbey

Today I've visited the Peak District for the first time in six months, I went in the car with my support worker. We parked at Longshaw Estate and did one of the circular walks which lasted for a couple of hours. It was rather murky when we started but was continually improving as the morning passed.

We then drove up to Curbar Gap. I was hoping to see the Highland cattle; they weren't there though, but I wasn't disappointed because I was treated to a close up view of two young deer posing on a rock just above the road. There were about half a dozen people there with cameras with telephoto lenses, so maybe the deer had been  there on previous days.

We needed to be back in Doncaster by 3:30 because Siobhan had other commitments, but we had time to stop for a brief visit to Beauchief Abbey on our way home.


It might not have been for very long, or much of an adventure, but it was good to be out in the Peak District again. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Bawtry Forest

I reckon that Bawtry Forest is the place nearest to home where I haven't been walking, and so that's where I went today. It's just to the north and west of Bawtry and so I travelled on the bus to the north of the town and accessed the forest by going down Martin Lane. Before doing that though I went to the cemetery to photograph the pretty chapel there.

After only about a quarter of a mile I was in open countryside, and it was about a mile until I reached the actual forest.

There's a pig farm in the area.

The forest is private land, but there is public access, obviously none of  the paths is shown on the Ordnance map, or any other map that I could find. I was hoping there'd be a way for me to get over to Rossington or Tickhill, but there wasn't. I did a loop of about a mile and a half, mainly sticking to the edge of the forest...and then disappointingly had to return down Martin Lane to the bus stop at Bawtry.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Hawks Nest, Scrooby, Ranskill, Torworth, Blyth, Hodsock, and Langold

Another walk in North Nottinghamshire again today, visiting Blyth for the second time this week, this time stopping to take some photographs, quite a few photographs's a pretty village.

I travelled to Hawks Nest, a location just to the south of Bawtry and walked down the road to Scrooby. I was here last week and so didn't take many photographs. I didn't mean to start today's walk near to Scrooby but I got on the wrong bus because the sun was in my eyes and I couldn't see the destination blind properly.

I left the village and took the path that goes across the fields to the Ranskill to Mattersey road. Not long after going over the level crossing the path was blocked, a footbridge over a drainage dyke had been removed. Fortunately I only had to re-trace my steps for a few hundred yards before I found an alternative route.

I ate my sandwiches in a stubble field with a good view of the railway line; six trains passed and I managed to photograph five of them - this was my best effort.

  On the way to Mattersey Grange there's an animal hotel.

I thought I'd better not go this way.

I didn't enter Ranskillat this point, instead I took the footpath that goes through the woods to the level crossing on Station Road.

 I had to wait several minutes for three trains to pass.

There's a path that comes out onto the main road near the cemetery, I still had to walk a few hundred yards until I reached Torworth. There was nothing to photograph at Torworth; I walked quickly through the village and then down the road to Blyth. Fortunately today, unlike Tuesday, I had a camera that works and so I spent at least half an hour exploring the village.

I was going to sit down on this seat on the village green but then noticed this phial of liquid was attached. Does anyone actually know what it is and why it's there?

There were still some more photographs to be taken as I left Blyth.

I headed southwest across the fields to Hodsock; there's an abbey's really a stately home that's used as a wedding venue though.

[Interestingly, the 'NO' has been painted over, not scratched off]

From Hodsock there was a wide track leading to Langold, from where I caught the bus back to Doncaster.