Saturday, October 1, 2022

Hatfield, Stainforth, and Barnby Dun.

Another short, easy walk as part of my recuperation since injuring my left knee, about six miles today. I travelled up Thorne Road to Hatfield on the bus and walked along a track going across the fields to Stainforth. I had to climb up and over the colliery spoilheap; this was a bit difficult because the path had been obliterated by some recent earthworks.

I needed to walk along the road at Stainforth for a few hundred yards before joining the canal towpath and then continued heading southwest back towards the town centre until I reached Barnby Dun.

[Canal towpaths don't have the same legal status as public footpaths - you'd not be able to lock a gate on a public right of way.]

I left the canal at Barnby Dun; it took me awhile to find a bus stop where I could catch a bus going back to Doncaster, I saw two at the other side of the road without there being a corresponding stop on my side. The bus must do a one-way loop in the village...anyhow the bus arrived on time and the heaviest rainfall of the day occurred whilst I was travelling on it.  

A  lovely walk, nothing too challenging, and my knee held up very well, I'm still strapping it up might ache tomorrow though.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Sleaford and Tuxford

Another trip out in the car with Siobhan. Sleaford is somewhere I hadn't been before and I'm not bothered about visiting again. It was meant to be market day but there was only one stallholder there.

There aren't very many photographs today because my camera stopped working, something's wrong with the memory card I think.

Anyhow, here are the photos I managed to take.

We had planned to call in at Fulbeck Craft Centre and Tearooms but it was closed; I'd checked online and it should have been open though...a sign of the times I suppose.

So we had a change of plan and instead of driving up the A1 from Newark we took the country roads to Tuxford, somewhere else I'd not previous visited...and this time I was quite impressed though. We had tea and cake and then looked around the town, spending quite a bit of time at the Museum of the Horse, which is an art gallery selling paintings and prints of horses and other animals downstairs and displays of horse tack and paraphernalia upstairs, 

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Edensor and Chatsworth House

My knee is still a bit weak and so it was an easy walk today, just a couple of miles taking photographs in Edensor and Chatsworth Park. No hills, level surfaces to walk on, and no stiles.

There are a lot of pretty cottages in Edensor. 

The church is always open when I visit the village.

I then walked over to Chatsworth House with the intention of photographing the new sculptures which have been placed at various locations in the parkland; unfortunately my knee and hip were starting to seems that my daily walking limit at the moment is no more than three miles.

These photos were taken at the stables block and courtyard.

The bus that goes directly to Sheffield didn't show up and the one that goes via Bakewell was ten minutes late. The traffic in Bakewell was gridlocked and so I got back to Sheffield much later than expected.