Saturday, October 15, 2022

Low Bradfield and Damflask Reservoir

Another easy walk to exercise my knee without putting too much strain on it.

I caught the train, tram, and bus out to Low Bradfield on the edge of the Peak District and did a clockwise circuit of Damflask Reservoir. Not longer after getting off the bus I walked up the drive to the Schoolrooms tearooms and craft shop; it wasn't open so early in the morning but I still had a good look around...I was able to stand in the open doorway and see inside.


I then went down to the picnic area near to the old stone bridge where I was joined by some ducks and squirrels.

The level of the water in the reservoir was very low, the lowest I've ever seen it - I was able to easily get right down to the water's edge to take some photos though.

I finished off my day out visiting the charity shops in Hillsborough; I wasn't muddy and so didn't feel uncomfortable doing that.

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