Saturday, May 2, 2020

Photographing Wildflowers On My Local Walk Today

One of the nearest areas of open countryside to my house is at Bessacarr, I think it's called Whitton Woods or Stoven's Plantation. It's a few hundred yards to the southeast of Doncaster Lakeside and is a small area of grassy meadows, woodland, an old railway embankment, and some deep drainage channels.

These first photographs feature the landscaped spoilheap next to the lake - it was nice to experience climbing up a small hill today - it was quite steep towards the top.

There were a lot of dandelions when I reached Bessacarr: I saw a rabbit at quite close quarters - when I go on my usual early morning walk to Town Fields I usually see several squirrels.

I completed my circuit of the lake on my return journey.


  1. Because of the problems getting out for fuel at the moment I haven't been doing my usual lawn mowing routine and so the daisies have loved it, the lawns are almost white over.

  2. At the hall? I bet it looks lovely; you'll have to post photos on the blog.