Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Circular Walk To Armthorpe

My mood has been getting quite low at time again during the last few days, I'm really frustrated that I can't travel anywhere to go walking when I'm seeing videos and photographs online of people who have been travelling to the Peak District, or the Yorkshire Wolds, or to other areas out in the countryside.

So...I'm going to endeavour to get out of the house every day if the weather's fine and put myself into a better state of mental health.

At the beginning of the walk I passed the Earl of Doncaster Hotel, I've never been inside the building but I've seen photographs of the magnificent art deco ballroom.

I didn't see any squirrels as I passed through Town Fields. On the days when I go for my early morning exercise walk  at six o'clock I usually see a few, nine being the most...I did see one later on though in the woods near Cantley.

I walked past the racecourse to Sandall Beat Wood then came out onto the road just to the west of Armthorpe. The carpark at Sandall Beat Wood was full and several dozen vehicles were parked on the grass next to the racecourse - I've never seen it so busy.

I headed north to Shaw Wood and then looped to the south going along Mere Lane until I reached the parish church at Armthorpe.

I continued towards the landscaped area where the local colliery used to be and made my way to Cantley Park and then the houses at Cantley. 

I stopped to eat my sandwiches at this lovely grassland meadow area; it's difficult to imagine that only maybe twenty years ago this was derelict and polluted industrial land.

Unlike a couple of weeks ago, this time I got out of the housing estate at Cantley without getting lost and then headed straight home.

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