Friday, May 29, 2020

Loversall and Woodfield Park

I walked out to Loversall this morning, not by the shortest or quickest route, but by the most interesting, going via Doncaster Lakeside and then along the abandoned railway and down Hall Bank Lane.

This obviously isn't the abandoned railway - it's the railport.

The church at Loversall is pretty and in a lovely location.

I explored the village and then headed back towards town along Rakes Lane, which is a track at first but then becomes more of a path as it approaches a series of lakes in the vicinity of the i-port. These lakes are so new that several of them are were still under construction when the most recent images for Google Earth were taken.

A mile or so further on I discovered a small nature reserve, Carr Lodge, which I didn't explore because I needed to get back home for two o'clock to confirm an appointment by telephone.

I got a bit confused working my way through the new estate at Woodfield Plantation; there were a lot of dead-ends leading to areas where construction work was still underway. I eventually did make my way to Woodfield Park though - unfortunately both the tearooms and the antiques centre are still closed by government decree...the walled garden is now open though, I think the petunias must have complained.

[I noticed this on the cycle track - It's only two metres everywhere else.]

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