Saturday, May 16, 2020

Hexthorpe, Warmsworth, Sprotbrough, York Road, and Doncaster Town Centre

Another local doorstep walk today since it's still not possible or practical to use public transport.

I walked to the park at Hexthorpe, called Hexthorpe Flatts, and then continued towards Sprotbrough, walking on the opposite bank of the river I'd normally use when going this way.

It was difficult to photograph the birds in the aviary at the park, there was a tight mesh and it was very dark inside the cages...I'm surprised the images came out as well as they did.

It was completely different at this side of the river, much more overgrown but with more extensive views of the countryside in the other direction when the vistas opened up.

Instead of going down the hairpin bend into Sprotbrough I turned left and went along the road to the houses at Warmsworth. I then joined the TransPennine Trail where it utilses the abandoned railway bridge crossing the Don Gorge - I'd been walking below the arches only thirty minutes earlier.

I glimpsed the back gardens of some of the newer properties at Sprotbrough as I headed north to the York Road area and then branched off to the right along the course of another abandoned railway line and came out near the large busy roundabout used by traffic entering Doncaster from the north and west.

I finished by walking through the town centre and arrived back home at 12:40 after completing about seven miles.

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