Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Surprise View, Fox House, Ringinglow, and Endcliffe Park

I couldn't do my planned walk today because the Bakewell bus didn't show up, so I caught the 272, the next bus going out to the Peak District. I didn't have time to work out another walk and so just travelled to Surprise View and walked back to Endcliffe Park in Sheffield.

It was unpleasantly cold and windy when I got off the bus...and then it started to rain, so I sheltered under a rocky outcrop for a few minutes.


I called in to the Norfolk Arms pub at Ringinglow for a pot of tea and some gluten free, vegan, salt and vinegar crisps with a picture of a pouting blow-up sex doll on the packet.

The pub is very dog friendly and even has a canine menu.

It's a steep descent down into Porter Clough and then easy going going all the way to the bus stop just across from the entrance to Endcliffe Park on Ecclesall Road.

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