Saturday, August 13, 2022

Retford, Grove, Little Gringley, and Clarborough

The train drivers were on strike today and so I travelled on the local bus to Retford.  I walked through the town centre and then along London Road for a few minutes until I found the street that leads to a path that goes out into the countryside towards the village of Grove.

I did a detour to visit the church at Grove and then left the village to loop round to the north to reach Little Gringley.

I continued heading north, using the byway that goes to Clarborough.

[I was too early for the afternoon tea and the ukulele band]

I made my way over to the Chesterfield Canal, passing through the Parish Pasture area to reach the towpath, and stayed with it for the rest of the way back to Retford town centre.

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  1. I like the way you experiment with different angles on your photographs. It's a nice area to walk in, and within easy distance of where I live.