Saturday, August 20, 2022

Ollerton, Hardwick Village, Clumber Park and Worksop

There were very few trains running again today and so I've been travelling on the buses in Nottinghamshire.

After arriving at Worksop, I caught the bus to Ollerton and then walked back to Worksop passing through Clumber Park.

The church at Ollerton doesn't feature on the blog because I couldn't find any suitable angles to photograph it from. 

After spending a few minutes exploring I headed north along the western bank of the River Maun.  After a couple of miles I needed to walk along the road for a short section until I joined the Robin Hood Way. At this point there were hundreds of caravans and a lot of dogwalkers attending the 'Fake Festival' nearby. 

A bit further on I arrived at a location known as 'Robin Hood's Cave.'

I continued heading north until I reached Hardwick Village at the eastern end of Clumber Park.

Last year this ford at Hardwick was also closed to pedestrians because the wooden walkway has collapsed, but I managed to walk through the water. I didn't do that today though; a few days ago there was torrential rain in the Worksop area and the River Poulter was a lot higher, and angrier.

I stopped for a drink of tea at the refreshments concession down by the lake and then did a short detour into Hardwick Village, the estate village for Clumber Park.

I finished the walk by taking the most direct route through the park back to Worksop, the bus station is quite close to the priory and its gatehouse.

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