Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Malin Bridge, Storrs, Hill Top, and Lodge Moor

I caught the train and then the tram to Malin Bridge, just to the west of the shops at Hillsborough. I took a series of footpaths heading out to the west going towards the Peak District, staying north of the River Loxley for the most part.

When I reached Storrs Lane I climbed up through Beacon Wood to the hamlet of Storrs. I'm assuming that the wording in the first photograph refers to the Great Sheffield Flood.

I walked across the fields to the larger hamlet of Hill Top; the ice cream parlour didn't open until eleven o'clock...there's a vending machine, but I didn't indulge myself. 

I headed southwest to the A57 trunk road and the path that goes through Wyming Brook Nature Reserve.

I finished the walk by climbing up to the bus terminus at Lodge Moor.

It's been quite a nice walk today, covering some new footpaths; it wasn't my first choice though because the Castleton bus didn't turn up.

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