Monday, February 11, 2019

Womersley, Little Smeaton, Kirk Smeaton, Campsall, and Askern

I caught the Pontefract bus and travelled to Womersley, about fifteen miles away from Doncaster. I walked through the village, took some photographs of the church [it was open] and then headed south to Little Smeaton, and Kirk Smeaton.

At Kirk Smeaton I took some photos of my second church of the day, only from the one angle though because a builder's van was parked in the churchyard, and another one on the road outside...and some workmen were filling in potholes near the church as well.

I left the village, still going south.

I soon turned east though and walked along a track; I then deliberately took a route going across a field that passed right next to an old windmill that's marked on the map.

My third church of the day was at Campsall, one I hadn't visited before - it's difficult to photograph though...I couldn't get far enough away to get all of the building in shot.

I found the entrance to Campsall Country Park and took the most direct route to Askern, from where I caught the bus back to Doncaster.

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