Friday, June 4, 2021

Wadworth, Stainton, and Tickhill

Only a short walk today. I went to Wadworth and started by walking down the road until I reached a footpath going alongside the perimeter fence of Wilsic Hall School.

This isn't the only sign I've seen locally where this mistake has been made.

I always think that this farm looks like a castle when viewed from certain angles.

I then continued heading south along the road to Stainton.

It was a lovely walk across the fields to Tickhill, made even nicer by spotting these purple orchids in the corner of a field right next to the footpath.

Before I reached Tickhill Alpacas I'd already had a close-up encounter with some of the animals at a pinch point along the path - you can pay to take them out for a walk.


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  1. Do you have a map view of your route? I'd love to see / recreate some of your routes :)