Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Braithwell, Micklebring, Firsby, and Conisbrough Hill Top

I travelled to Braithwell, and after taking a few photos I walked along a couple of bridleways and a short section of road to get to Micklebring.

The blue flowers in the field are flax, which after Googling it just now I've been informed is the same plant as linseed.

I took Back Lane through the village and continued down to the motorway bridge and on to the path heading northwards towards Conisbrough. As I was walking along the road I could see towards the highest point in Doncaster, the trigpoint just at the back of Fordoles Farm.

I deviated to the northwest to the hamlet of Firsby and continued through the woods and then along the road for a bit to the bus stop at Conisbrough Hill Top where there's a bus every twenty minutes, but I had to wait twenty five minutes for one.

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