Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Penistone, Hoylandswaine, and Cawthorne

I travelled to Penistone again today and headed north out of the town. From studying the map I was hoping to get a good view of Penistone Viaduct, but couldn't see anything for the trees; there were some nice gardens though.


I briefly needed to walk along the road before reaching a path going across a meadow next to the railway line.

I continued walking towards Hoylandswaine, soon passing a trigpoint located at 269 metres above sea level, the highest point on the walk.

This path mainly kept to the west of Hoylandswaine and so I missed out most of the village. I did walk past the church though.

At a location called Upper Elmhirst I took a path leading over to Cawthorne, the final stretch was along a country road though.

I finished the walk at Cawthorne. It's a pretty village but I didn't stay to take any photos. A bus was due and so I caught it back to Barnsley. I didn't want to be too late, or too tired when I got home - I've got a busy day planned for tomorrow going to Louth in Lincolnshire with my support worker. No doubt I'll be taking plenty of photos for the blog, many more than today.

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