Sunday, July 5, 2020

Walking To Wadworth Using Some Different Footpaths

A walk today exploring a track that for most of its length I'd not used previously. I made my way to the iPort Lakes by the shortest route and then walked over to far side and set off down this track which runs near to the railway line. It led to Carr Lane, midway between New Rossington and Wadworth.

The first photographs were taken en route to the iPort Lakes; it's quite nice countryside, but the motorway was only a few yards behind me when I took the shots.

It wasn't far until I reached the iPort Lakes. The smell of sizzling bacon was enticing as I passed the small mobile cafe, but I'd brought some sandwiches to eat later.

It was quite quite bracing as I walked along a narrow ribbon of land going between two of the lakes.

I chose to go to Wadworth when I reached Carr Lane.

I headed north going towards Balby and took a footpath going through an area of woodland called The Shrubbery - there was a pond and a stone well which I'd not seen  before.

The concessionary footpath which I wanted to use next was closed today, and the gate locked because of a shooting party and so I had to continue along the road; fortunately it's a quiet country lane.

This area is relatively high up and there was a clear view looking north towards the Aire Valley power stations.

I then moved on to the Stump Cross area, passing under the motorway interchange. 

I soon reached the outskirts of Balby and the cycleway going along the old railway embankment back towards Lakeside and then I needed to walk through an industrial area to reach my house.

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