Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Bentley Community Woodland

A walk to the highest point of Bentley Community Woodland and then a down to the lake. I got there by using sections of the Doncaster Greenway for part of the way; it's a longer route than just going up the road, but it's more scenic. I still needed to walk along Jossey Lane at Bentley until I reached the footpath that goes right next to the park and then continues along the route of an abandoned railway line to the community woodland.

There's an industrial sculpture on the summit.

I read somewhere that the lake, which is artificial, is in the shape of a bird...I couldn't tell from walking most of the way around, neither from studying the map...it must have partially silted up and changed shape. 

I returned home straight down the A19 road...there's no other way.

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