Sunday, July 19, 2020

Branton and Auckley

The first photograph I've included today was taken looking back towards the racecourse grandstand as I approached Sandall Beat Wood.

I walked through the wood and then used the footbridge to cross the railway. There are a lot of steps to climb because it's very high and I wonder why this might be; the railway has never been electrified. Just beyond the wood I had to turn back after nearly a quarter of a mile because the footpath veered sharply to the left and I wanted to go to the right. 

There were plenty of wildflowers in this area for me to photograph.

I made my way over to Cantley Park and found a different route to reach Nutwell Lane, visiting some areas of the park that were new to me.

I headed south towards Old Cantley but turned down the road that goes to Branton. I walked through the village and found the footpath which eventually goes across some quite nice countryside and a pedestrian crossing over the railway line, a different railway line this time. 

My route home took me through a very nice housing development at Bessacarr and along the Doncaster Greenway to the Lakeside area, and finally through an industrial area.

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