Friday, January 24, 2020

Hathersage, Offerton, Shatton, Brough, Aston, Thornhill, and Bamford

There are quite a few small halls in the Hathersage area and the aim of today's themed walk has been to get as near to as many of them as possible. 

The bus I travelled to Hathersage on was the nosiest bus I've ever been on, especially when it was stationary at bus stops or traffic lights. Not only was the engine loud but everything on the bus, the seats, the windows, the panelling, and my skeleton would all vibrate and rattle, and even bang - I was glad to get off.

I got off in the centre of Hathersage; the nearest hall to where I was standing is Nether Hall, but the nearest publicly accessible spot to it is on the other side of the river and therefore a walking distance of nearly two I didn't bother; I did pass Nether Hall Farm though.

[Sorry about the unintended selfie]

At this point during the day the weather turned out to be much better than forecast; the light was just about perfect for taking pictures - it did cloud over later though.

The first hall I actually reached was Hazelford Hall about one and a half miles down the Grindleford road, and then along another country road - there's a footpath for most of the way though.

Only about half a mile away to the south is Leam Hall, well-hidden away and not close to any road or footpath.

Hog Hall wasn't very far away; a path goes right next to the perimeter fence surrounding the grounds.  I then headed west along the road to Highlow Hall; I didn't take any photographs there because there were people around. The walk to Offerton Hall took me through some more lovely countryside.

I was expecting the next hall to be three miles away, but about half a mile beyond Shatton I noticed this sign - on the map the property is named Upper Shatton.

There's definitely no hall at Brough. Rather than just walk down the road to Aston I went out of my way by using a footpath going across the fields and crossing over the railway line at Hope Station. Aston Hall is difficult to photograph because it's partially hidden by a high hedge or wall.

I continued heading eastwards to Thornhill and then over to the cafe at the garden centre for a pot of tea and a chocolate chip shortbread biscuit. I timed my departure so that I didn't have long to wait for the bus at the nearby bus stop.

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