Monday, July 26, 2021

Oxspring, Wortley, Wortley Hall, Pilley, and Birdwell

I travelled to Oxspring again this morning, it's quite easy to get there. I immediately got down onto the TransPennine Trail and headed southeast for two and a half miles before passing through Thurgoland Tunnel. 

I took a path that left the Trail and led down to Wortley Top Forge and then walked along the road for a few hundred yards before joining a quite overgrown path going up a steep hillside, eventually taking me to Wortley.


This is where the footpath comes out at Wortley; looking at the map I was totally wonder though.

It's difficult to get any good angles of the church.

There are two buildings across from the church that aren't as old as they might look; they're lovely though.

I'd done some research online and found out that that gardens at Wortley Hall are open to the public and so I went to take some photos.

I took the bridleway that goes through Wortley Park, heading east towards the road that I needed to walk along for a few minutes before there was a path going across the fields to Pilley. The final part of the walk, to the bus stop at Birdwell, was all downhill along a country lane, not always the easiest way to finish a walk.

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