Monday, July 19, 2021

Whitwell, Steetley, Netherthorpe, Woodsetts, Gildingwells, and Langold.

After travelling to Worksop I caught the Chesterfield bus to Whitwell. I didn't visit the church, it's out in the wrong direction and I've already seen it on a couple of previous walks. Instead I headed northeast across the fields to the hamlet of Steetley with its pretty chapel, claimed to be 'a gem of early architecture and the most complete and beautiful specimen of Norman work to be found anywhere in Europe.'

Steetley Chapel certainly didn't disappoint; the building, the location, the neatly manicured lawn, and the weather were all absolutely perfect...the time I spent there was quite magical.

I then went along a footpath and a country lane to Netherthorpe, another hamlet, passing right alongside the airfield there.

I continued going north, crossing over the Chesterfield Canal at a pretty location called Turnerwood and crossed Lindrick Golf Course on my way to Woodsetts. The church at Woodsetts seems to be architecturally similar to Steetley Chapel, except that it's larger and a much newer building.

I walked along the road to the southern edge of Gildingwells and then headed to the east, across the fields to Langold, from where I caught the bus back to Doncaster.

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