Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Milton, Bothamsall, Hardwick Village, and Worksop

The timing for the bus to Milton from Retford is a bit tight, but everything went well today and I arrived at the start of the walk just after eleven o'clock. I started the walk from the mausoleum there; there isn't a bus stop there but the bus driver stopped for me since I'd already told him my plans. Unfortunately the gates were locked and so I could only manage to take these two photographs.

I then walked into the village, there's nothing else to see there, and started my planned walk, heading off to the west towards Lound Hall. The footpath goes right alongside the building.

About half a mile beyond the hall a ruined chapel is shown on the map; these are the ruins of Haughton Chapel - they're quite substantial, but a little overgrown.

My second village of the day was Bothamsall, somewhere I've visited a couple of times before. Approaching the village from the south I crossed over two rivers in quick succession, the Maun and the Meden.

I then walked in a northwesterly direction towards Hardwick Village and Clumber Park, finishing the walk at Worksop Bus Station. I took the most direct route to Worksop, staying north of the facilities and attractions. 

The footpath going over the River Poulter was closed because the wooden walkway had collapsed. The ford wasn't too deep though and so I risked it.


I took a little time to photograph the nearby priory and gatehouse - they're quite close to the bus station.

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