Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Sutton, Campsall, Kirk Smeaton, Brockadale, Wentbridge, Norton, and Askern

I went to Sutton to start my walk today, the village the bus reaches before Askern, where I was on Monday. 

I walked down the road and specifically remembered to look out for's a genuine sign, this is what the road is called.

The village church is quite pretty, but difficult to photograph from some angles.

I couldn't get as close to this windmill as I did to Wrancarr Mill on Monday.

I then used footpaths and country lanes to reach Kirk Smeaton and stopped to eat my sandwiches there at a lovely spot near to the church.

I took the path on the northern side of the valley which goes along the clifftops before descending into Brockadale. After a few minutes I spotted this makeshift shrine consisting entirely of tiny wooden and plastic doors, there was another one a bit further on as well.

I continued heading west to Wentbridge.

I returned to Kirk Smeaton by walking along the southern bank of the River Went.


Most of my route to Norton would have been alongside the river until I needed to cross some fields and head south but the footpath was blocked because the footbridge going across the Went had been removed. I had to walk along the road instead - it was a few hundred yards longer.

I found a slightly different route to get me back to Askern and caught the bus to Doncaster.

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