Sunday, January 31, 2021

Walking To My Nearest Trigpoint

I spent a few minutes resarching this online, and my nearest trigpoint turned out to be where I thought it would be, at Pickburn, about five miles from where I live. By the way, a trigpoint is a low, pyramidal concrete pillar used for surveying by the Ordnance Survey many decades ago. 

After walking through the town centre I used a stretch of the Doncaster Greenway. There are several railway themed benches installed at various locations along the network of trails; I photographed two of them today.

I reached Highfields Country Park and then Brodsworth Community Woodland. 

The location of the trigpoint as at the side of the road at the start of the bridleway that goes to Hooton Pagnell. I've been a bit suspicious that this has always been the location of the pillar though, it looks as if it's just been dropped there after possibly being moved from another location.

I continued beyond the trigpoint, dropped down into Brodsworth and then walked along the country road which would get me back to town as quickly as possible.

After a few hundred yards there was a footpath sign, this was the start of a path I'd not used before; that always adds a bit of extra interest to a walk. I walked through a wood at the back of the houses on Green Lane and then joined the cycleway which goes along the Roman Ridge to within less than two miles from the town centre.

UPDATE: Here's the map showing the location of the Stirling Single bench that Richard asked about in his comment.


  1. Could you tell me where the Stirling Single bench is located, please, Lee? I am in touch with Patrick Stirling's gt-gt-grandson and I'm sure he would be interested. Thank you.

    1. Hello Richard. I can't post the location map in a comment, but I've added it at the end of the blogpost as an update. I think the best vehicular access will be from Pipe Ring Lane East...but I don't know if you'd need to walk north or south to reach the bench...sorry.

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  3. Thanks very much indeed, Lee. I haven't explored that area since the cross-country runs of my school-days at Don Valley, in the 1960s!