Sunday, January 17, 2021

Doncaster Racecourse, Sandall Beat Wood, and Cantley Park

Another local lockdown walk today; this time to Cantley Park, one of my nearest areas of open countryside...although it does involve quite a bit of walking through urban areas.

A nice bit a wordplay in the naming of this street near the aircraft museum.

To get to Cantley Park I took the path that goes at the side of the racecourse and then goes to Sandall Beat Wood. I found a different way to reach this path this morning, going through some woodland,  meaning that I didn't need to walk through the housing estate at Cantley.

Several people were actually walking on the course with their dogs, I did go onto it briefly myself to take a few photographs.

It was still quite icy in Sandall Beat Wood and some of the adjacent areas.

In Cantley Park some parts were flooded though.

I took a different route to return back home, going across some nearby fields to reach the racecourse - there are a lot of paths in this area that I shall have to return to explore. There were a lot more people on the course by now, but this part of the course is near to a convenient parking area.

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  1. Love the street name. We have a new estate with names from our War Memorial, a nice new way to honour them.
    Everywhere is muddy and wet at the moment, previous quiet places now have lockdown walkers taking their daily exercise. It reminds me of Christmas, when it seems everyone has a morning or afternoon stroll. Take Care