Sunday, December 22, 2019

Conisbrough, Firsby, and Conisbrough Hill Top

I just managed to fit in a fairly short local walk this morning, five, maybe six miles. It was drizzling and barely daylight as I was waiting for the bus at eight o'clock- the rain was forecast to clear up...and it would also brighten up of course.

I travelled to Conisbrough and headed south along the bridleway that leads to the ruined Conisbrough Lodge. Over to my left I had views of Clifton Hill, the second highest point in Doncaster.

The route then passes close to Birk Lodge, where some improvement work has been done to the bridleway and boundary fences.

[These letters and the number indicate that I was walking along footpath number four in the parish of Conisbrough Parks]

I reached a road, turned right and headed towards Ravenfield Grange but then started the return leg of my walk, going across Ravenfield Common, before reaching most of the houses. The common is high ground and on a clear day there are some decent views to be enjoyed...but not today.

I missed out visiting the village of Ravenfield because the footpath across the field looked very muddy; most of my walking today was done using bridleways, farm tracks, and a couple of stretches of road.

I tried to get a decent photograph of the water rushing down the spillway of the abandoned reservoir at Firsby, but had to settle for this tableau instead.

The final stretch of the walk was a steady, gentle climb up to the Hill Top area of Conisbrough and then a twenty minute wait for the bus.

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