Sunday, June 30, 2019

Great Longstone Open Gardens 2019

Today's day out with my support worker didn't get off to a very good start. As we did the last time we went to an Open Gardens event in a Peak District village three weeks ago we called in at The Moorlands pub at Owler Bar for breakfast.

Because the gardens in Great Longstone weren't open for viewing until one o'clock we set off later this time and arrived at the pub at 11:15. Breakfast is served until 11:30 but at about 11:35 when I'd finished my cooked breakfast and went to get some toast I was told that they'd switched off the toaster and were clearing everything away ready for the lunchtime carvery session. I wasn't happy and told them so; I'd already had to complain about the first plate I'd been given being I don't think we'll be going there again.

We lingered in the pub because we had a bit of time to spare. We still arrived at Great Longstone quite early and Siobhan's car was the second or third one to enter the makeshift car park in a mown field.

The view from where we'd parked was pretty good though.

Before the gardens opened we visited an art exhibition in the village hall and had a look inside the church.

We then spent the next two and half hours looking around about fifteen of the gardens, and having tea and cake at the final one we visited. We needed to leave by 3:30 so that Siobhan could get back home for five o'clock because her sister was travelling up from London.

There's a mosaic inside the village bus shelter.

Returning to the rest of the photos I took.

It was easier to turn left rather than right when we left the carparking field and so we drove back to Baslow by a different route. I'm glad we did, or maybe I wasn't because we didn't have time to stop, but we passed a couple of fields where there were as many, if not more poppies growing there than the crop of wheat or barley that had been planted. There were dozens of people wandering about in the fields...and quite a few cars parked on the verges at the side of the narrow road making it difficult for us to get past. 

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