Friday, June 28, 2019

Baslow, Calton Lees, Rowsley, Tinkersley, Northwood, Darley Hillside, Two Dales, Upper Hackney, and Matlock

I knew I wouldn't have to plan an alternative walk today because there are three buses going to Baslow between 07:30 and 08:30, and I knew I'd be getting one of them.

I got off the bus at Nether End and walked through Chatsworth Park to Calton Lees.

The path to Rowsley is flat and never strays too far from the river, passing mainly through meadows and pastures.

I walked along the main road in Rowsley for a few hundred yards and then climbed up to Tinkersley; part of this route and all of the stretch beyond Tinkersley was new to me.

Most of the rest of the walk was along roads, pretty quiet though until I reached the main Chesterfield road at the end - I certainly enjoyed looking at the pretty cottages and the impressive mansions.

I think this man deserved his blue plaque just for his name.

There was also some lovely countryside to take photographs of.

I arrived at the first bus stop on the Chesterfield road and saw that it was twenty minutes until the bus was due and so I walked for a bit longer and caught the bus a few stops further on.

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