Sunday, June 23, 2019

Fairholmes To Hallam Head

I travelled to Fairholmes this morning and headed up onto Derwent Edge and Hallam Moors.

An inspirational message was pinned to a fence post about a mile after I'd set off, just before my climb up onto the moors.

I took this photograph a few minutes later, still down in the valley at the side of the reservoir.

There were several of these Peak and Northern Footpaths Society signs on my walk today.

It was quite misty and so I didn't take many photographs today - I really liked the meticulous balancing of the stones on the top of this cairn though and thought it made an interesting subject.

I continued eastward going towards Hollow Meadows; when I reached the Moscar area, still high on the moors, I noticed this object in the distance.

I know there aren't any aircraft wrecks in this area but it looked like an aircraft undercarriage to me. On closer inspection I saw that it was two large lorry or tractor tyres bolted or welded to a tubular steel frame, maybe something that a helicopter grapple or harness could be attached to....I really don't know, I've never seen anything like it before and would appreciate any comments from people as to what you think it might be. I was just relieved that I didn't have to call 999 and go looking for casualties or fatalities.

I guessed that the object might be used to feed sheep somehow, but the places where I thought the feed could possibly go are too far off the ground.

I reached a road, named as Long Lane on the map, and continued heading eastwards, briefly leaving it and joining a footpath running parallel for a short distance. Just before reaching the path I was overtaken by a procession of vintage 1960s and 1970s cars.

At this stage I had left the Peak District and the suburbs of Sheffield were only a few miles away. I'm not exactly sure of the specific route I took to get into the Rivelin Valley, but I didn't get lost. There was a footbridge to cross over the river and then a quite strenuous climb up to the bus stop at Hallam Head, near to the golf club clubhouse.

There were a couple of minor annoyances today; firstly, it really was quite cold and I was glad that I was wearing two thick fleeces...and secondly, a constant clicking noise coming from my rucksack with every step I took - the only times I didn't hear it was when the noise of the wind was too loud.

UPDATE: The object on the moors is a disassembled harrow that can be used on boggy and steep ground. It can easily be attached to a tractor when required. 

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