Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bradwell and Castleton

The walk began at Bradwell with me taking a path from the village up to the cement works; which are surprisingly well screened. I then climbed up Pin Dale where there is a very attractive old quarry face in a wooded setting, then walked along the road for about a mile.

I then took a path across fields, then a track, before turning right to briefly join the Limestone Way: along this section of the walk it was very windy and dusty.

The final section of the walk was a difficult, and painful on the knees and soles of the feet, descent down the scenic Cave Dale, which brings you right down to Castleton Market Place - and I have never seen Castleton busier.

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  1. I was going to walk in Castleton this weekend but wind really irritates my eyes so I have been staying home mostly! I've walked Cave Dave before a few times but never started at Bradwell or walked through Pin Dale - you have given me ideas for a less windy day, thanks!