Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fox House, Longshaw Estate, White Edge and Baslow.

I started off feeling a bit unwell this morning on the train going to Sheffield; my knees were tightly wedged under a table and were becoming quite painful and stiff, my throat was a bit dry and tickly but I couldn't move to reach into my pocket for a cough lozenge...and I was sweating profusely. As soon as I was in the fresh air (walking towards the bus station) I felt fine.

I got off the bus at Fox House and crossed the road to enter the Longshaw Estate

The rhododendron bushes were only just showing a bit of colour, but the gorse/furze/whin bushes were blooming at their best.

I then walked across a stretch of open moorland and climbed onto White Edge, following the path all the way to Curbar Gap, and then down into Baslow.

Positioned along the route I noticed a couple of recently-sited companion stones.

Today I tried a little experiment; I navigated the entire length of the six mile walk without looking at the map once, or using my GPS to take bearings. It wasn't too difficult, I know the route very well...nonetheless I was quite pleased with myself.


  1. Lovely photographs, Lee. Well composed.

  2. Hello Lee, hope you are well. The Peak district is such a beautiful part of England and I must say your photos do it justice.
    Saor Alba