Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Walk From Miller's Dale To Bakewell, Mainly Along The Monsal Trail

I specifically chose the location and route of today's walk so that I'd be able to walk through the recently-opened tunnels on the Monsal Trail - which follows the route of the dismantled railway from Buxton to Matlock. I wasn't the only one who had this idea though; I've never seen so many people when on a walk...especially cyclists, riding every type of bike imaginable; two wheels, four wheels, unicycles, tandems and even a man lying down and pedalling with his hands.

I got off the bus and climbed up onto the trail and then it was a steady five mile route into Bakewell, passing through three tunnels, each one about a quarter of a mile long. The tunnels were lit by fluorescent lighting and were quite safe.

I left the Monsal Trail to walk the last mile into Bakewell using a country track; mainly because I needed a pee and there wasn't anywhere I could easily go when on the Trail, since it's mainly cuttings, embankments and tunnels and so I couldn't just pop into some woodland and make myself scarce.

A few minutes later I was in a scary situation; I was walking along the track, with high drystone walls at either side, when I noticed a farmer with his cows on the path ahead of me and a woman on a horse behind me...with me trapped in the middle. As the animals got closer the horse reared up and the cows caused a minor stampede - I just stood still and hoped for the best.

I arrived in Bakewell with nearly an hour to wait for the bus and so I treated myself to some fish and chips.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely walk, except for that scary bit! Fish and chips is a great way to finish the walk!

    I plan to walk Monsal again soon now the tunnels are open.