Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ashford-in-the-Water, Sheldon, Magpie Mine, Lathkill Dale, Over Haddon and Bakewell.

Today's walk was over ten miles in length; the longest walk I've done since starting the blog. I'm feeling really well; it seems the latest dose of antibiotics is being effective in clearing up my bronchitis.

I got off the bus at Ashford-in-the-Water, a village I've visited before, but never had the time to linger since I was always in a hurry to get back to Bakewell. I enjoyed admiring many of the cottage gardens today and lingered a while at the old stone bridge over the River Wye until I spotted a couple of trout.

The walk to Sheldon is a bit of a slog but the views are worth it. I then walked across the fields to the Magpie Mine and spent about twenty minutes exploring the substantial ruins which remain.

I then navigated to the head of Lathkill Dale near to Monyash and sat down on a grassy slope to enjoy a bit of sun on my face; I was briefly shocked, when, for a fraction of a second, I thought a nearby twig was actually an adder ready to strike.

I've not walked along the upper reaches of Lathkill Dale before and it was a pleasant surprise; being quite rocky and reminiscent of Cave Dale near Castleton.

I made good progress along the dale and stopped to take a photograph of an interesting sign referring to an ancient and obscure bye-law.

Finally, I walked to Bakewell along a different route.


  1. I've just been enjoying your photographs and descriptions of your walks in recent weeks. You've done a wonderful job and it was a pleasure to join you for a bit.

    Thanks for leaving a comment when you dropped by.

  2. Hi there,

    Just wondering how you go about getting to Lathkill Dale using public transport? Could you tell me which buses/trains you used, I'm assuming you set off from Doncaster? Many thanks, I'm really keen on visiting this area again myself :)


  3. Hello Nat:

    It depends how far you want to walk I suppose - but here are the details.

    There are plenty of trains from Doncaster to Sheffield, although the earliest on a Sunday is 08:03.

    It's then easy enough to get to Bakewell, which is only about two miles from Conksbury Bridge, considered to be the downstream limit of Lathkill Dale, and the head of Lathkill Dale is just outside Monyash, maybe four miles away from Bakewell.

    During the week there is at least an hourly bus service from Sheffield, routes 218 and 241; taking about 45 minutes, with local connections at Bakewell to the villages of Youlgreave, Monyash and Over Haddon which are nearest to Lathkill Dale.

    There is a similar level of service on Saturdays, but on Sundays the service pattern is significantly different...and actually better.

    There is still a better than hourly service to Bakewell, this time numbers 215 and 218...but there's also a direct bus which goes to Youlgreave - this service only operates the once though, departing Sheffield at 09:00.

    I hope this information is helpful.

  4. Thanks for your reply; so far I've only caught the train to the Peak District, which as you probably know doesn't give very good access to the White Peak.

    Have you walked from Bakewell to Conksbury Bridge yourself? My original plan was to get the bus you suggested to Youlgreave, however an all-day bus ticket would only get me as far as Bakewell. Which route or streets would you suggest walking down to get to Conksbury Bridge?

    Many thanks,


  5. Yes Nat; you'll have to get the bus to explore the White Peak.

    I've walked back from Conksbury Bridge, it's an easy walk and not very far.

    To walk the other way from Bakewell you need to walk down Matlock Road (A6) and take the footpath on the right after a few hundred yards which goes by the cemetery and the school.

    The path then goes uphill across fields to reach the Conksbury Bridge road. Conksbury Bridge is about a mile further; from here you can walk the entire length of Lathkill Dale to Monyash - a distance of about four miles, with some uphill and rocky sections.

    You can then return to Bakewell across the fields and visit Over Haddon - the pub there has one of the best views in the Peak District from its conservatory.

    The length of the walk is about 13 miles; you can shorten it by not walking the entire length of Lathkill Dale though.