Sunday, May 22, 2011

Toad's Mouth, Hathersage and Bamford Station

I got off the bus at the stop after Fox House, Toad's Mouth - so called because there's a nearby rock that looks like a toad: someone has even carved eyes on it. I think you can make out the shape on this photo.

I then walked across the moor and descended into Hathersage; it was very windy on the higher parts, and as I approached Hathersage it began to drizzle. I therefore took the opportunity to pop into the tea rooms and had a pot of tea [four cups] and a toasted fruited teacake.

By the time I'd finished, the weather was a lot better and so I continued with the walk to Bamford Station.

The route I chose took me north from the village walking briefly along the bank of Hood Brook and then up out of the valley and  following lanes, tracks and paths across fields to reach Sickleholme Golf Club; coming out by the clubhouse, since the path across the course didn't seem to be signposted anywhere.

I arrived at the bus shelter just down the road from the railway station with about thirty minutes to wait for the next bus.


  1. I do so enjoy seeing your walks! I live on the southern edges of the Peak District so don't go to the Hathersage area all the often as travel costs would soon mount up if I did!

    Lovely photos as always and I'll know where to come for inspiration next time I'm heading north a bit and looking for a walk!

  2. This is a walk that I love. Its good you are able to access the Peak District by bus. x