Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moscar Moor, Stanage Edge, Burbage Valley and Fox House.

I've done this walk before, as part of a longer walk I did last year...but I haven't blogged about this section so far.

I got off the bus at the county boundary and joined the waymarked Sheffield Country Walk leading southwards towards Stanage Edge. The entire route is easy going, being fairly flat, although at a high altitude, and on a clear day the views are spectacular. Today wasn't a clear day though, it was misty and quite chilly compared to Doncaster, which was considerably warmer when I arrived home.

About half way along the journey I noticed some vehicles in the distance which were not parked on a road; as I got closer I saw that it was a convoy of four-wheel drive vehicles that had been driven across the moors and was now struggling to descend a steep, narrow and dangerous section of track. People were out of their vehicles removing boulders which were blocking the way...and the embankment was crumbling because of the combined weight of eight or nine cars.

Two motorcyclists were struggling to get by as I took the photograph.

About half a mile further on I stopped to eat my sandwiches and enjoyed watching groups of students rock climbing, bouldering and weaseling between the gaps between the larger rocks.

Later on I stopped for an orange lolly from the ice cream van that usually parks at the Upper Burbage car park and then had a leisurely stroll back to Fox House.

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