Thursday, April 14, 2011

Litton, Wardlow, Great Longstone, Rowland and Calver.

The day began with a pleasant walk across fields from Litton to Tansley Dale, a beautiful little valley which I hadn't visited before. I then walked along the bottom of Cressbrook Dale and then climbed up towards Wardlow; this being the most difficult climb of the walk.

More fields were traversed before reaching Longstone Moor. This expansive high moorland covered in heather seems somewhat out of place so far south in the White Peak.

I then walked down the road to Great Longstone, a village new to me. Both of the shops in the village were closed - maybe it was half day closing - but there was a lovely smell of roast beef wafting from one of the pubs; I wasn't tempted though, I had to make up for lost time spent lingering on the moor.

Rowland is another half a mile or so to the east across fields; there were pleasant views to the north of Longstone Edge before I descended through woodland to the Hassop to Calver road. By this time I had given up on my effort to reach Calver in time for the next bus, so when I reached the village I had fifty minutes to spare.

Since I was feeling very hungry and a little weak I popped into the Outdoors Café and enjoyed a pint a tea and a toasted currant teacake with jam.

I walked across the road to the bus stop. Three buses were due in a short period of time. The second one arrived first - five minutes late.

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  1. I love it around there - Hassop is great too. We always go to the Monsal Head for something to eat. Its a great walk.