Friday, November 18, 2022

November Update

I've just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow for the Peak District and it doesn't look too promising so I think I'll probably go on the train to Wakefield for a few hours. I was hoping to go to Thornbridge Hall Christmas Market and have a look round the gardens, which are free admission from today until Sunday. It would have been an easy day's walking, nothing too strenuous for my knee, which I don't think has really improved for the past month or so. The main problem I seem to be having now is pulling muscles in my thigh, groin, and buttocks - I think it might be because I need to start walking short distances without the compression stocking and the strapping to give my muscles a chance to get stronger. I'll only wear the compression stocking tomorrow and put the strapping in my pocket; if needs be I'll be able to put it on over my trouser leg.

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