Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Ladybower Inn, Fairholmes, and Heatherdene

I caught the bus to Ladybower Inn and walked along the road until I reached the track that goes alongside the reservoir, heading north towards the visitor centre at Fairholmes. I returned, heading south now along the western shore; there's a path through the woods and I was much nearer to the water's edge.

There's a lot of new signage and artwork along the route - the small metal sculptures haven't been placed with photography in mind...the angles are awful.

I retraced my steps going over Ashopton Viaduct and caught the bus back to Sheffield at Heatherdene, with nice views of the reservoir to enjoy as I waited.

Early on I saw a squirrel and so decided to count how many I saw today; my tally reached fourteen, and I heard a lot more. I tried to take a few photographs but they were far too quick for me.

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