Friday, November 25, 2022

Chatsworth House, Calton Lees, Rowsley, and Bakewell

Today's walk started from Chatsworth House, where they are busy preparing for the Christmas market and so many areas are blocked off, spoiling some of the views. I crossed over the picturesque bridge and headed south along the Derwent Valley Heritage Way to Rowsley.

As I was leaving Calton Lees I climbed over my first stile in three months; there might have been only one or two more on the walk today.

As I approached Rowsley I could see that some cows were totally blocking my way ahead by standing under the railway bridge. It was a planned ambush but I spotted them in time and fortunately there's an alternative route through the graveyard and the churchyard.

I continued by taking a short footpath that starts off by going right through someone's garden and then across the fields to the main Matlock to Bakewell road. I needed to walk along this road for over a mile but fortunately there's a causeway all the way. I soon noticed a traffic jam building up...there was an artisan market at Haddon Hall. 

When I reached the footpath just beyond the entrance to Haddon Hall three woman hikers told me that it was flooded up ahead and they had turned back and so I decided to continue along the road for a few hundred yards more until I could rejoin the path further on. I finished the walk at Bakewell and caught the first available bus going back to Sheffield - my leg was aching quite a bit.

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