Saturday, November 30, 2019

Selby Christmas Market 2019

I went to Selby Christmas Market on the bus with my brother and my friend Justin today. We all decided to go our separate ways in Selby. I went straight to the Christmas Market, most of the stalls were set up inside the abbey as usual; this meant that I concentrated on photographing the ceiling and the vaulting, pointing my camera upwards and frequently holding it above my head - not always being able to see what was being captured by the viewfinder.

This blue plaque doesn't refer to the abbey.

A couple of hours later I bumped into Justin for the second time and he told me that he needed to go to the toilet. There are public toilets in the abbey and so we went inside. I took a few more photographs but also took the opportunity to have Justin take a few shots of me among the magnificent surroundings. So that I'd be looking my best I removed my rucksack and put it on the floor...but I forgot to pick it up.

It was ten minutes later, after leaving the building, that I realised that I'd left my rucksack behind and so we immediately returned to the abbey. Fortunately someone had handed it in.

As I was waiting for it to be returned to me we were having a chat with the verger and the fact that the status of the abbey is merely that of a parish church was brought up and that although it relies totally on volunteers yet is open every day of the year.

Justin had to chip in with a question - he asked if the abbey opens even on Christmas Day...

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