Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Scrooby, Mattersey Thorpe, Mattersey, Everton, Harwell, and Bawtry

Another local walk with my brother; we're trying to arrange a couple a month during the rest of the summer. We travelled to Scrooby, the first village in Nottinghamshire.

We then headed over to Mattersey Thorpe and then Mattersey: this stretch was quite boring, but easy going. The area near the church in Mattersey is lovely though.

We crossed over the River Idle using the footbridge: a woman and her teenage son were each struggling to climb inside an inflatable canoe contraption with metal handlebars and spoked wheels. I didn't say a word as we passed them.

Part of the route to Everton was climbing up through the woodland on Pusto Hill, the shade provided by the trees was welcome in the hot weather.

It was a lovely walk across the fields to Harwell.

We got lost in the woods on Barrow Hills but it wasn't difficult to find our way down to the road, which we needed to follow for the final mile and a half into Bawtry.

The lack of bridges over the River Idle in this area makes planning walks difficult; I'd like to visit the ruins of Mattersey Priory but the only access is down a dead-end track that's over a mile long...therefore adding over two miles to any walk's distance. I would have also liked to have returned to Bawtry via Misson and Austerfield...but there's no bridge!

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